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Our Team

Board of Directors


Shannon XU

M.Sc., LL.M

Shannon XU holds a bachelor degree in French literature and Entrepreneurship from Zhejiang University, and two master degrees in International relations from Beijing Foreign Studies University and University of Montreal. Her research interest focuses on intersectionality, systemic discrimination and ethnic minority social inclusion.


She has rich experience as French and English interpreter for Sino-African and Sino-Canadian business cooperations. She provides as well in-depth market reports and investment research for Canadian and Chinese businesses. 


Yassine Zerrouk


Yassine holds a master degree in Flight Operations and a commercial pilot licence (CPL). His own journey of immigration to Canada motivates him to devote time on helping immigrants to learn French and enter the labour market. 


Execution Committee

Execution Committee



Chief Researcher

Ph.D Anthropology

Dr. Qiuyu Jiang obtained her Ph.D. in Anthropology from McGill University. Her research interests lie at the intersection of the fields of anthropology of law, religion, Chinese urban studies, and transnational migration studies. Her doctoral dissertation explores both the formal and informal legal practices of African migrants in Guangzhou, including their navigation of China’s rigid immigration system, their creation of an ethical business code, and their trans-ethnic and trans-national religious practice. Further, her doctoral research has led her to develop an interest in migration desires and the ways in which governments and legal systems limit the mobility opportunities for individuals from developing countries.


Previously, she has also led and participated in several other research projects in which migrants have played a central role, for example, Chinese migrants in Tanzania (2016), Tibetan hawkers in Beijing (2005), "Bangbangjun" (porters, seasonal peasant migrants) in Chongqing (2007), and female sex workers in Northwestern China (2007-09).


Though her rich research experiences, she has gained a deep understanding of migration issues and challenges from a variety of different perspectives.


Priyanka Gandhi

Marketing Manager

Priyanka is a graduate student in Quality Systems Engineering with major in Project Management and Supply Chain design at Concordia University and has her undergraduate in Bachelors of Technology in field of Instrumentation and Control majoring in Biomedica from India. 
Priyanka has worked in field of Information Technology and Operation Management. She has worked in varying domains ranging from software quality assurance, database administration, product development, digital marketing and sustainability. She has been involved with the the community to work on several socio-cultural issues in India.


Yi YANG has extensive professional experience in graphic design, she has led numerous projects covering branding, packaging, and web design. 


Jocelyn Jing Wang

Assistant Coordinator

Jocelyn holds three Master’s degrees: Master of Translation, M.A. in Japanese Studies (with a focus on Social Anthropology) and Master of Human Rights. She has studied in 6 countries and is currently enrolled in the Social Work program at University of Montreal. Her research interests include aging, gender studies, social inclusion for immigrants and disaster-related anthropological studies, especially post 3.11 Japanese studies. 

She used to work as a researcher for many academic and business projects and institutions. She is also a professional Japanese-Chinese translator with published works and a language instructor that teaches university-level Japanese courses. Moreover, she has been devoting herself to community service and voluntary work for more than a decade. She believes in “freedom through truth for service” and yearns to apply her knowledge and skills through people-focused and service-oriented practices.


Xiaoyu ZHAO


Xiaoyu holds a bachelor degree in French at Sun Yat-Sen University, and two master degrees in French literature and linguistics at Shanghai International Studies University and University of Montreal. Xiaoyu has worked as a French mentor in the francisation projects at the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal and at the University of Montreal.


Yu NING holds a bachelor degree in French literature from Beijing Foreign Studies University and a Master degree of Education in Didactics from University of Montreal. 

NING is the Founder of SinoFranco Montreal (SIFA), a non-profit organization. SIFA is the most active Chinese-French exchange group in Montreal.

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