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Community Aid Project


Sewing for Montreal Frontline Healthcare Workers

Facing severe shortages in personal protective equipment (PPE) for our frontline healthcare workers in Montreal, CISIIP launched CAP-MTL, a project aiming to mobilise all communities to join efforts and make some CAPs! 

All our products are handmade, collected and delivered by volunteers. We will donate them to healthcare facilities FREE of charge. 

*Receiving facilities are responsible for sanitizing homemade scrub caps upon arrival.



caps donated


masks donated


Receiving facilities


How you can be part of Project CAP-MTL?

We are actively and urgently recruiting all types of volunteers. 

I can sew

  • You need to know how to operate a sewing machine

  • Online tutorials provided.

I have materials to donate

I can deliver

  • You need to have a car and valid driver license

  • No-contact delivery requested.

Production line

Please fill out the form, we will be in contact with you soon!

For tailor volunteer 

For material donation

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Are handmade scrub caps useful?

Scrub caps are often used to cover and hold back the hair, which help to keep the surgery sites free from contamination. Fabric scrub caps are helpful in combating the spread of COVID–19 because they reduce the propensity for people to touch their hair. Also, they can be used by frontline healthcare workers in a lower risk working environment, so that we can preserve the standard protective equipment for those who need it most. 

Compared to disposable plastic products, fabric scrub caps are more comfortable to wear, plus, they are washable, reusable and not so hard to make!

*Disclaimer: We hand-made the scrub caps from new or gently used fabrics that have been cleaned. Please keep a safe distance when picking up or delivering the products. All donated scrub caps must be washed and disinfected before wearing. We urge the recipient to place the products in quarantine for a minimum of three days before using. These are NOT medical products. We make NO claims in terms of the effectiveness of the finished products. Each facility should determine how to best use these hand-made products. Each recipient is responsible for informing the wearer of the risks associated with the products.

Fabric requirements

  • New and gently used fabrics ONLY please. People will be wearing these on their head and we want to keep them safe!

  • Light to medium weight 100% cotton is preferable. It is natural fiber, inexpensive, woven or knit, soft, breathable, durable and stands up well to washing.  

  • Other materials (for example, cotton blend fabrics) may be suitable as well but it needs to be comfortable to wear. It should wick moisture from the skin and dry quickly to avoid saturation from moisture. Avoid heavy fabrics like Flannel or Denim- we don’t want our frontline workers to be too hot.

  • Pre-wash on hot and dried on high heat before cutting and sewing! This will avoid shrinkage. 

  • All colors and patterns are welcome except pure white and black fabrics We encourage you to use lighter colors that cheer people up !


Shannon Xu
Logistics & Project manager

Zhenlong Liu

Quality control & advisor

Jocelyn Wang

Community coordinator

Katyana Shum-Tim

French & English proofreader

Qiuyu Jiang
Donation & Social media manager

Yi Yang

Graphic designer

Priyanka Gandhi 

Content producer

Cathy Shen

English proofreader

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