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Networking Event

French for Parents

Shopping, seeing a doctor, asking for directions, being a guest at someone's, picking up children ... We teach the most useful expressions to satisfy daily needs.

  • Accessible online video clips

  • Immersive French practice activities

  • Prize and coupons for all participants!

Friends Enjoying Concert

Culture Crossroad

Indian, Persian, Jewish, Arabic, Aboriginal ... Every two weeks, we organize a get-together of immigrant families to discover one cultural community together, we share food, music, performances and stories.

  • Encourage family participation, individual registration accepted

  • Potluck encouraged

  • Translation on site

Hockey Team Huddle

Created in Canada

Dialogue with Canadian companies and get to know "Created in Canada". Explore their corporate culture, brand concepts, and try their latest products.

  • Site visits by group

  • Visit filmed or recorded

  • On-site translation

Wall Plates

Artisan Workshop

Wool knitting, cross stitch, wool felting, woodworking ... Parents from all over the world learn and work together to create arts. All handmade works are shown on website for sale, or donated to children in need.

  • Unlimited art forms

  • Some materials provided

  • Professional design advice provided

Trip Planning

Travel experiencer

- guide for family

We invite parents to be Canadian tourism experience officer, and share with CISIIP their reviews on restaurants, attractions, entertainment programs, cultural activities !

  • Different forms of experience feedback are encouraged, such as videos, article, pictures

  • Win the award of "The Traveller of the Year" and surprising gifts!

Playing Foosball

Older and wiser in Canada

Heard stories about the Canadian pension industry? Why don't come and see it? Join our "Senior delegation": visit senior care facilities, talk face-to-face with nursing staff, and learn about cutting edge medical equipment for seniors.

  • Group visits 

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