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Canadian Institute of Social Inclusion for Immigrant Parents (CISIIP) is a non-profit organization registered with the federal government of Canada and headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. It aims to create an inclusive environment for all immigrant parents, from community to policy.

Our focus: Immigrant Parents

Immigrant parents include all residents residing in Canada, temporarily or permanently, primarily in the pursuit of family reunification, or for quality education for their children.

In comparison to international students and workers, parents not only have to face the same situation as new-comers, they encounter more difficulties caused by language improficiency, age, and limited local social networks. The intersectionality of their identity puts them into a much more vulnerable position, and they face greater possibility of being isolated socially and culturally.

It is crucial to take into consideration the situations and views of immigrant parents and stakeholders, to provide solid, evidence-based reports, and advice to government and businesses.


Our Services

Research & Data

Policy advocacy &

Industry consultancy

Social inclusion projects

Our interests

Continuing studies

Language education

Cultural activities

Pension industry

Intercommunity communication

Practical information

Touristic advices

Charity and social work

Job market integration

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