French for Parents


This is a practical and fun French learning program for parents.

Real-life situation subjects: shopping, seeing a doctor, asking directions, visiting guests, picking up children, etc.

3 ways to participate

Online learning

Cost: Free

Prize: Share with us your progress by video, win various coupons and free tickets to travel!


  • Subscribe to our Youtube channel and choose your favorite course to study.

  • Practice for each topic by yourself.

  • Record a video and send it to CISIIP customer service.

Field practice

Cost: 5$ per person

(personal consumption is not included)

Prize:  Win coupon or cash rebate


  • Guided tour to cafes, restaurants, shops, markets, schools in Montreal. 

  • Practice French in specific situations with native speakers. 

  • Accompanied by professional French tutor.

French course

Cost: depends on class


Teacher: French teacher of 20 years of experiences, French literature translator.

Course description:

  • The course is designed for parents of all ages and requirements. Professionalism, patience, systematic and a lot of fun. Suitable for parents who want to master well the language.

Location: Metro Station: Peel