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From community to policy, we create an inclusive environment for all immigrant parents.

Who we are?

Canadian Institute of Social Inclusion for Immigrant Parents (CISIIP) is a federally registered non-profit organization which headquarters in Montréal, Québec. It engages immigrant parents, stakeholders and researchers to discuss issues and solutions related to social inclusion of immigrant parents.


Its publications and innovative projects aim to foster cross-cultural communication, eliminate discrimination and social isolation, and reduce structural barriers for immigrant parents in public policy.

Who we care about?

Immigrant parents

All residents residing temporarily or permanently in Canada, primarily or solely in the pursuit of family reunification, or for quality education for their children.


handmade works from parents

What we do?




Foster academic discussions regarding social integration of immigrant parents in Canada

  • Assist researchers in field research

  • Conduct independent data collection and interviews

  • Provide expert opinion from our academic committee

  • Provide fellowship for outstanding research projects

  • Organize colloquium and round-tables to raise public awareness and interest

Policy advocacy


industry consulting

Bring visibility of immigrant parents’ issues to the public sector and businesses.

  • Draft policy reviews and reports

  • Participate in public policy discussions

  • Provide consultancy and advice for businesses on relevant products and services

Social inclusion



Initiate activities to enhance immigrant’s parents social participation and their agency.

  • Create a ‘Canadian pension industry study camp’ for parents to visit and learn

  • Call for parents to do charity by handcraft works

  • Establish direct channels for parents of all ethnic groups to exchange culture

  • Explore the businesses "Made in Canada"

  • French learning

  • Invite parents to comment on their travel experiences in Canada and create tour guides for families

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